ICIT - Level II Training, Growing In Christ

This level offers further online training in a variety of areas. The student will become familiar with the unfolding aspects of New Testament ministry. Materials and impartation from Pastor Frangipane and other internationally known ministries such as Reinhard Bonnke, Mike Bickle, Ed Silvoso, Dutch Sheets, Rick Joyner, Lou Engle, Dick Eastman, Pat Chen, as well as a leader from the past: Andrew Murray. (See our syllabus)


• To broaden the disciple's experience with the various graces and expressions of God's anointing currently maturing in the body of Christ.
• To provide introductory avenues leading to further training and impartation from leaders beyond the ICIT structure.

Time frame to complete: three months.

Level I graduates will be eligible to continue on to Level II. There is one final exam at the end of the 12 week series. This exam is submitted online graded at the Training Center. Students will be asked to sign a verification of completion at the end of the 12-week series, indicating that they have completed all of the reading and have listened to all of the audios.

Graduates of Levels I and II are eligible to join Advancing Church Ministries Association of Pastors, Leaders and Intercessors. They will be eligible to enter through the intercessor's gateway and will be considered associates together with ICIT graduate pastors and leaders in the advancement of God's kingdom in their regions.

Level I graduates stay on the list to receive the Level II registration information for up to 18 months after graduating.

Level II is offered in February, May, August and November and is offered in the Individual Plan, Group Plan or Married Couple Plan.

If you are a Level I graduate and are interested in Level II email us at training@inchristsimage.org and request a link to enroll.

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Graduate students who desire ongoing association with other ICIT graduates, as well as fellowship with other like-minded Christians and churches, are invited to become part of Advancing Church Ministries Association of Pastors, Leaders and Intercessors.

In Christ's Image Training center is an inter-denominational ministry, created to bring Christ-centered unity in the Church.

If you still have questions after reading the information on our website regarding ACMA, please email our ACMA administrator at acma@inchristsimage.org.

Please direct any questions regarding ICIT Level I or Level II to training@inchristsimage.org.


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In Christ's Image Training

In Christ's Image is a ministry of Francis Frangipane that includes international online training courses called In Christ's Image Training.

Registration begins soon for the
January 5, 2024 Level I course.

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New Level I classes begin four times a year: January, April, July and September.
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Advancing Church Ministries Association
An association of Christian leaders and intercessors, who are ICIT graduates, who have recognized the highest goal in life is to know Jesus Christ and, in knowing Him, be conformed to His likeness.

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