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The intercessory prayer of the Apostle Paul was not just a prayer for protection or for a few blessings to rest upon the saints. He said, "My children, with whom I am again in labor until Christ is formed in you" (Gal. 4:19). Paul was "in labor" to bring forth the actual spirit of Christ within the church. Let me say it again: his goal was Christ, not merely Christianity!

Any mother can relate to the focused intensity of labor pains. This was how the apostle prayed for the church, as though he were giving spiritual birth and would continue to be in labor until the person, power and nature of Christ Jesus Himself was functionally formed in the disciples.

We know "theologically" that Jesus is within us. But has He taken over our form? It is one thing to accept Him as our source of help in time of need; quite another dimension to have Him dwell in us as God ...

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When God calls me to humble myself, it does not mean that I simply say to the Lord, "I humble myself." True humility goes farther; it is deeper. It means I see myself as a servant to others not one above them (Mk 9:35). I also can confess my sins, even the darkest, to a trusted friend. The meekness I seek uproots my self-righteous instincts to judge others. Because I now see clearly my need of mercy, I pray for God’s mercy to cover others (Mt 5:7). I abandon my religious pretensions. And when God speaks I tremble (Isa 66:2).

You see, just saying "Lord, I humble myself" does not mean I have actually humbled myself. Not until Christ is enthroned in me where self once ruled will I possess true humility.
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Prayer Focus
Prayer Focus

Ukraine: The nation is in upheaval as the majority of the people want to realign with Europe and the United States, while their eastern provinces are Russian people that identify with Russia, and want to secede from the Ukraine. Pray that a peaceful settlement will be established.

Korea: Pray for reconciliation to come to North and South Korea and an openness to work toward true peace.

Syria: over 100,000 people killed and millions displaced by civil war. The war is complicated by the fact that radical Islamists have united with the rebels against Assad.

United States: Pray for revival and a return to biblical values. If America experiences a genuine awakening, the impact will truly change the world.

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The Lord said that His house would be called a house of prayer for all nations. At the center of the Lord’s house, in the holiest place, is the mercy seat, where redemption for a sinful and suffering world is released through prayer. Your view that your culture is very corrupt may be precisely right. However, God tells us that He is looking for a man or woman who will intercede and stand in the gap for their people.

Every night my wife and I pray for our family, our friends and neighbors. We also pray for our community and America, our nation. We intercede for Israel but also for the Muslim world – especially where people are being destroyed by wars or oppressive regimes. We pray for people devastated by natural disasters, famines and poverty as well as those enslaved by human trafficking, drug addictions and gang violence. We also pray for reconciliation between North and South Korea and for revival to strike the Philippines (the largest Christian nation in Asia).

We believe that God does not want us to worry about the future, but to create the future by prayer. Will you join us?

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